We have been in the hemp and alternative smoke shop industry since 1995, officially.

We have had other manufacturing businesses and
retail stores over the years....Cascade Glass Designs (Eugene, OR), New Age Hemp Company (Schenectady, NY & Woodstock, NY) and Ithaca Hemp Company (Ithaca, NY & Cortland, NY).

You may also recognize us from many years of vending at live music festivals and concerts across the country. In fact, our original business model developed on Grateful Dead tour in the early 90’s with the owner, Chris D, and his faithful German Shepherd named Cherise.

The Binghamton location, Sugar Mountain, opened in 2005 and has never looked back.

We are extremely proud of this store which is a culmination of 20+ years of hard work in this roller coaster of an industry. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, premium quality products and fair pricing.

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled shopping experience. Being accessible to and educating our customers is top priority. We want to establish strong relationships resulting in repeat business and 5 stars reviews. The crew at Sugar Mountain is absolutely invested in the success of the store and committed to promoting the future of this industry.

Our sales team, (which is made of Kevin1, Kevin2 & John), is constantly working to stay current on a quickly evolving product line. There seems to constantly be new and innovative items on the shelves each week.

We have grown leaps and bounds over the years and are thrilled to be the, hands down, most established and professional alternative smoke shop in NY State. We cater equally to old school and new school connoisseurs alike as we do to new customers exploring alternative lifestyles and/or natural remedies. Onward and upward. 🌿

Seeing is believing....Please make the trip to see our shop. You will be glad you did.

How to Read CBD/Hemp Labels

A proper label will come from a Certificate of Analysis (COA) where a 3rd Party licensed laboratory will test the products for the percentage of Cannabinoids. Always make sure the products come with a unredacted clearly labeled COA. Most labs will test for the following: THC, CBD, CBN and CBG. There are many more Cannabinoids out there but these are the ones most people care about today. THC and CBD are the ones that most focus on today but in the future you see CBN and CBG as they do offer a lot of healing power. The will also show THCa and CBDa. These are the ones the hang most people up.


What’s the difference between THCa/CBDa and THC/CBD?

THCa/CBDa can become THC/CBD but only if heat is applied (Decarboxylation). Typically, during the processing of Industrial Hemp to Crude, Distillate or Isolate the conversation is made from CBDa to CBD. Industrial Hemp purchased in Raw format will typically have both THCa and THC. Most COA’s will have also have the total possible THC or CBD levels. The formula for total possible is: THC + (THCa*.877) = Total Possible THC. The key here is possible and not the legally defined levels.

What THC levels are legal?

The old Farm Bill (signed by Obama) and the new Farm Bill (currently sitting on Trump’s desk) both say 0.3 % THC. They don’t say anything on THCa. Anything you purchase must be under the 0.3 % THC per federal levels. Some states have higher levels of THC requirements. We advise you check with your local state agriculture department for those higher limits if needed